China Outsourcing: Exploring possibilities and busting myths!

China is the newest best in outsourcing, the protagonist in the 2006 movie Outsourced proclaims after his company shifts a business process to China. The China outsourcing market rose to challenge the toughest pros in the outsourcing business in the recent times by standardizing its business processes, providing cheap solutions and improving its telecom infrastructure. While the country falls behind when IT outsourcing is concerned due to lack of English speaking workforce, China manufacturing processes remain the best outsource options to date. China manufacturing of finished or intermediate goods is sought after in many industrial sectors because it offers cheap solutions in set up of necessary equipment and maintaining a workforce.

While China outsourcing is a cost effective solution for any industry’s need for intermediate or future products, one must pay great attention to detail while hiring a factory. For decades, ‘cheap’ has been the uncomplicated USP of China product development and subsequent exports. Where Chinese products are concerned, every time you look, things get cheaper! But do not assume that all China products are the same and feel lucky to have found the cheapest manufacturer. Like anywhere else, what you pay for is what you get in China, despite the immense competition to produce cheaper goods.

Unsophisticated or sophisticated, with detailed finish or for rugged use, for consumer or manufacturer needs, China outsourcing has opened its doors to reach new levels of perfection in product development. Necessitating outsourcing possibilities, China industrial design has been modified suitably to accommodate packing and shipping processes as well. Making best of the situation involves a great deal of communication though. Though China manufacturing is in its best form implying authority in make and experience in variety, do not assume that all your requirements will be fulfilled automatically because somebody else might have wanted the same output as you do. While the possibility remains that the manufacturing unit might have produced the same output earlier, it is in your company’s best interests to be specific of requirements unless the product you ordered is of standard specifications. This is because, though many third world countries that are rich in outsourcing opportunities have a workforce that is way behind in the internet literacy (about fifteen times less) than China, the English speaking community in China is far less than it is in these countries. This is exactly why communication with China outsourcing plants must be a top priority, because there is ample scope for misinterpretation despite superior production abilities.

The ‘Made in China’ tag is probably the most commonly seen sight in consumer products these days. It has long since been accepted that every assembled product is likely to have one of its parts made in China. The Chinese make our computers and television sets and are responsible for the electronic sophistication that is a part of your life. So why not take the lead and outsource manufacturing to China and be rest assured that what you wanted is what is on the way?

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